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Press Releases

Taiwan Diplomacy Efforts get Boost at Nicaragua Meet

Published in the Taiwan News

By Haley Chang
Staff Reporter

On the heels of a diplomatic setback during the just-concluded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, Taiwan, under the name, the "Republic of China," received a boost to its international status.

Led by Central Bank of China Governor Perng Fai-nan, a Taiwan delegation, including International Cooperation and Development Fund acting Secretary General Yang Tzu-pao, participated in the 41st meeting of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration in Managua, capital of Nicaragua. Taiwan is a member of CABEI, under the name "Republic of China."

According to a statement released by the ICDF, Yang, at the invitation of CABEI's CEO Pablo Schneider and in the presence of Perng, signed a letter of intent with Schneider to upgrade Taiwan's financial cooperation with CABEI to a more in-depth technical cooperation.

The statement also said that the memorandum signed by Taiwan's ICDF and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Development, Industry, and Commerce as well as its National Technical Institute will further enhance the bilateral relationship between Taiwan and Nicaragua.

The ICDF will also dispatch experts to provide professional training aimed at improving the management capability and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in Nicaragua. With Taiwan still smarting from snubs at the high-profile APEC meeting in Shanghai last weekend, its participation in CABEI is being highly valued. "After all, Taiwan wants to be accepted by the international community and become a member of the international society," the statement said.

"Dealing with the cross-strait issue is very important. However, while the public and the press are focused on APEC, there is more space out there in the world for Taiwan to expand it diplomatic realm. The meeting in Central America can absolutely solidify Taiwan's relations with its Central American allies," Yang told the Taiwan News.

"Taiwan's flags were displayed in the meeting rooms and even flown outside of the hotel at which we stayed in Nicaragua. This is something all Taiwanese people should be proud of," Yang added.

Based in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, CABEI is an international organization that helps to promote regional development in Central America. CABEI's main task now is to assist Central American nations in regional integration and economic development. The founding nations, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, are all longtime diplomatic allies of Taiwan.

Taiwan joined CABEI on November 10, 1992.

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  • Date:2001/10/18