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Department: Humanitarian Assistance
Project Name: 2017-2019 ROC and Burkina Faso Medical Cooperation Project
Project Description: Under cooperation between the TaiwanICDF and National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Brunch, this project aims to improve the healthcare quality in central and west region population through the transition of medical skills and capacity building and to strengthen the health care system in Burkina Faso.
Region: Africa
Implementation Start Date: 2017/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2019/12/31
Source of Funding: MOFA/National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
A. Strengthening medical staffs' specialists, by
(a) dispatching of Taiwan medical teams
(b) capacity building of Burkinka Faso specialists
(c) provision of mobile medical services
(d) provision of thematic medical services
(e) optimization of specialist medical services
B. Supplimenting of necessary hardware to be able to provide specialists' medical care
Project Contact: Ivy Shih
Phone: 886-2-28732323 ext.304
E-mail: ivy.shih@icdf.org.tw
Cooperating Stakeholders: National Taiwan University Hospital
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Health
Cooperating Country: Africa, Burkina Faso
Project status: Projects under implementation
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