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Dominican Republic
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Dominican Republic

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: MSME Consulting System Capacity Building Project in Dominican Republic
Project Description: The Dominican government has made the development of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) an important pillar of its national development policy, and has assigned the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Ministerio de Industria y Comercio, MIC) through its Vice-Ministry of National Council of Promotion and Encouragement of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (Promoci ó ny Apoyo a la Micro , Peque ñ ay Mediana Empresa, PROMIPYME) the responsibility of designing and implementing the work plans on counseling services and related policies to assist the development of MSMEs. The Dominican government expect this project can bring in professional conseling mechanism and follow Taiwan successful example in counseling services.
Overall, this project will:
I.Upgrade the functions of MSME counseling system: In collaboration with public agencies and the private sector, the project will assist MSMEs in developing consumer market-oriented industrial agglomerations in accordance with the regional development strategies.
II.Establish industry cluster cooperation mechanism:
1.The project will establish its Learning Center (Cluster Studio)so MSMEs in the same clusters are able to obtain relevant market intelligence and knowledge.
2.Improve cluster its products and services through cluster cooperation mechanism formed by Consultants, MSMEs and the cluster service centers.
III.Entrepreneurship Promotion: The project will host the City Challenge to select entrepreneurs who with innovation spirit,and pair those entrepreneurs with Angel investors to gain investment in enterprise its start-up and expansion stage.
IV.Lean Management training course: the course guide consultants to plan and develop lean strategy which adapt to the cluster.
V.Enhance the MSME Think Tank Capacity: the project will conduct industry analysis, investigate MSMEs current state,and research on Dominican women and youth start-up,then give suggestion on Dominican republic government industrial policy.
VI.E-Commerce installation
The project will sponsors MSMEs to get SSL and Session key, in addition developinge online catalogs and online customer service

Implementation Start Date: 2016/12/21
Implementation End Date: 2021/12/20
Project Objectives: 1. Enlarge capacity of MSME counseling system
2. Training and certificating 150 Lean Management consultants
3. To assist new startup companies.
4. Forming consulting group to promote industrial cluster and improve MSME business model
5 To enhance MSME thank tink.
Executing Agency: Vise-Minister of PYMES, Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Dominican
Current Progress: To the end of December 2017, the following activities have been completed:
1. To assist the counseling capacity of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in SMEs(small and medium-sized enterprises):Completed the second-phase internship training of 16 outstanding trainees, in the "Lean Management Consultant Training Course".
2. Industry cluster counseling:Completed the packaging and flavor improvement of honey and cocoa products and assisted in promotion and marketing during the SMEs Week and Christmas holiday..
3. The city challenge competition :Completed the competition of city challenge in La Vega, the project continued conducting the training workshops for new start-ups in the competition of city challenge in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata.
4. To promote the start-up community:Completed the entrepreneurship forums in eight provinces and cities. Participants up to 1,300 people.
5. To strengthen the function of think tank in SME(small and medium-sized enterprises):Completed the “Research Report on Privatization Policy of Primary Medical Center”, the "Analysis of the Situation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Agricultural Sector", the " Mid-term report of the Study on the opportunities of the Dominican SMEs participate in the tourism sector” and “Planning of sample methodology for the adult population survey” after Dominican Republic joined the Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring (GEM).
6. Completed the first phase of e-commerce personnel training courses with 160 SMEs, and began the second phase to diagnosis and counseling of individual SMEs e-commerce environment.
7. Assisted the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in completing and strengthening the "Entrepreneurial Resources Website" so that entrepreneurs can obtain entrepreneurial information and business opportunities through online resources.
Project Contact: CHOU,TING-YU
Phone: 02-2873-2323 Ext.232
E-mail: t.y.chou@icdf.org.tw
Signing Date: 2016/12/21
Projected Benefits: After the project completion in three years, benefited MSMEs average revenue rate would increase to 10%
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: The Project of Vocational Training
Cooperating Country: Caribbean, Dominican Republic
Project status: Projects under implementation
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