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Press Releases

First Hot Press Bamboo Lamination Factory in Ecuador - Bamboo Design Center Completed

First Hot Press Bamboo Lamination Factory in Ecuador - Bamboo Design Center Completed

The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) and the Santa Elena Provincial Government in Ecuador jointly implemented the three-year Santa Elena Province Bamboo Industry Development Project in 2015. In 2016, hot press bamboo lamination techniques and machines from Taiwan were provided to the bamboo design center established as part of the project. The opening ceremony of the bamboo design center, held on December 3, 2016, was attended by the government representative of Commercial Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Li-Cheng Cheng, the governor of Santa Elena Provincial Government, Patricio Cisneros Granizo, and the mayor of Dos Mangas where the center is located, Angel Merchan, as well as local representatives of the industry, government and academia.

According to statistics from the Provincial Government of Santa Elena, 125 households are currently engaged in the bamboo craft sector but the industry suffers from low profits and sales. Reasons for this include: limited application of the products, which limits their mass production; little product differentiation; inconsisten quality; lack of diversified sales channels; and poor skills in product design, management and marketing.

Through the project, the TaiwanICDF has assisted the Santa Elena province to establish a bamboo design center and introduced laminated bamboo techniques, and trained local bamboo producers in product design, development, manufacturing, quality management, pricing, cost management and marketing. It is anticipated that such measures will strengthen the bamboo industry’s value chain and increase output, thereby improving the livelihood of bamboo producers.

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  • Date:2016/11/23