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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Plantain Development Project in Nicaragua
Project Description: At present, plantain production in Nicaragua is facing several challenges including the shortage of plantain plantlets and the low cultivation technology of plantain farming. The core issues are to promote the cultivation and cultivation techniques of plantain plantlets in Nicaragua, improve the competitiveness of economic activities (yield, quality and efficiency) and increase farmers’ income. The project aims to build up the capacity of the national tissue culture center and related personnel; establish a production and marketing system of tissue culture plantlets; strengthen the technical capacity and extension system of plantain cultivation; and enhance the guidance ability of cooperatives and strengthen the function of cooperatives. This will in turn enhance the quality and productivity of plantain fruit and increase the incomes of plantain farmers.

Implementation Start Date: 2016/8/18
Implementation End Date: 2021/8/17
Project Objectives: To enhance the quality and yield of plantain fruit and to increase the incomes of plantain farmers in Nicaragua.
Executing Agency: Nicaraguan Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
Ministry of Family Economics, Community, Cooperative and Associative (MEFCCA)
National Agrarian University (UNA)
Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Nicaragua
Current Progress: To the end of December 2019, the following activities have been completed:
  1. Completed build the tissue culture center.
  2. Collecte Cuerno Enano local variety and test.
  3. Visite and offer consulting service for planting farmer and agricultures organization in Rivas, Chinantega and Leon.
  4. Establish 140 field promotion demonstrations and 16 assessments station.
  5. Completed 86 training workshop of plantain.
  6. Produced 57,017 bottles of subculture, 12,506 bottles of domestication and 73,414  seedlings.
Project Contact: Ken Hua Chang
Phone: +886-2-28732323 Ext.218
E-mail: k.h.chang@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits: Upon the completion of the five-year project, the utilization rate of plantain tissue culture plantlets will increase by more than 4 percent, and the production and supply of plantain tissue culture plantlets will satisfy more than 5 percent (from 150,000 to 750,000 plantlets) of the national demand.
Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Nicaragua
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Central America, Nicaragua
Project status: Projects under implementation
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