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Latest News

EBRD Managing Director of the Communications Department, Mr. Jonathan Charles Visits TaiwanICDF

EBRD Managing Director of the Communications Department, Mr. Jonathan Charles Visits TaiwanICDF

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Managing Director of the Communications department, Mr. Jonathan Charles visited the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) on March 2, 2016.

TaiwanICDF Deputy Secretary General Dr. Lee Pai-Po warmly welcomed Mr. Charles and exchanged views with him on the cooperation between the TaiwanICDF and EBRD in terms of projects and communications.

Since 2011, the TaiwanICDF has been cooperating with the EBRD on the Green Energy Special Fund (GESF), in hopes of encouraging the EBRD’s countries of operation in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa to invest in municipal infrastructure by applying the best available technologies that could achieve significant levels of CO2 savings via preferential funding. On one of the sub-projects--Chişinău Urban Road Sector Project (Moldova), EBRD directed a short film and the TaiwanICDF later put on Chinese subtitles to further promote the project among Taiwanese audience. By sharing communications resources, the two organizations hope to expand visibility and reach a wider audience.

Last November, the TaiwanICDF, together with EBRD, launched their first Agribusiness Fund, named the “Financial Intermediary and Private Enterprises Investment Special Fund-Agribusiness Account,” a program that ensures that private agribusiness will have access to financing for development in the EBRD region.

For the past few decades, the TaiwanICDF has worked with EBRD on MSME development and sustainable environmental projects. The new partnership to set up an Agribusiness account will enable both organizations to work together to assist local agribusiness in upgrading production efficiency. This program also echoes the international development agenda, particularly the issue related to food security.

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