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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Food Crop Improvement Project (Solomon Islands)
Project Description: The majority of rural farmers in the Solomon Islands depend on the production of staple root crops to meet basic food needs and as a source of livelihood, and the government’s agricultural policies have increasingly focused on the improvement of local crops and rice production. The Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has therefore requested the Taiwan Technical Mission’s assistance in developing these areas in order to maintain stable crop production. The Food Crop Improvement Project will draw on Taiwan’s experience and technical know-how in agricultural development to raise the quality and production of local crops, and enhance crop production and management techniques.

Project appraisal found that the main challenges faced by the Solomon Islands in food crop production are:
1.A low yield per unit area due to planting multiple crops within the same plantation.
2.Local crop plantations are low yielding in general compared with other countries.

In order to assist the Solomon Islands government to improve food crop production, the main contents of this project will include:
1.Purification of local cultivars and introduction of news ones to select high-yielding cultivars that are acceptable to local tastes.
2.Providing high-quality seedlings to local farmers and conducting on-the-spot technical guidance
3.Improving farmers’ cultivation techniques through training workshops and activities, demonstrations, and internships.
Implementation Start Date: 2016/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2019/12/31
Project Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
1.Introduce 20 new crop varieties (10 for sweet potatoes, five for cassavas, five for Chinese yams and five for taros); carry out trials and select higher yielding varieties.
2.Produce and select high-quality seedlings at the demonstration farm (750,000 sweet potato seedlings, 450,000 cassava seedlings, 80,000 Chinese yam seedlings and 135,000 taro seedlings).
3.Assist farmers to plant high-quality seedlings totaling 70 hectares and produce 1,140 tons of food crops (30 hectares and 480 tons of sweet potato, 30 hectares and 540 tons of cassava, 5 hectares and 60 tons of Chinese yams, 5 hectares and 60 tons of taros).
4.Renew existing original variety of rice and establish an certification seed field to provide 16 tons of rice to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and provincial agricultural departments of the Solomon Islands to promote rice production.
5.Hold 30 training courses and demonstration activities with 10 rural training centers (RTC) and train 600 persons.
Executing Agency: 1.Taiwan Technical Mission in the Solomon Islands
2.Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and provincial agricultural departments (Solomon Islands)
Current Progress: To the end of July 2019, the following activities have been completed:
1. Held twenty eight demonstration cultivation workshops with nine rural training institutions (RTC).
2. Completed six sessions of teacher training course for 150 people.
3. Held 16 presentations on crop cultivation and management.
4. Held 17 farmer site management workshops.
5. Produced 1,150,021 seedlings of sweet potato, 376,056 seedlings of cassava, 102,493 seedlings of taro and 91,013 seedlings of Chinese yam.
6. Produced 41.8 hectares of sweet potato, 29.93 hectares of cassava, 8.71 hectares of Chinese yam and 6.1 hectares of taro.
7. Produced 15.729 tons of rice seeds.
Project Coordinator Name: Chen Chao-Yeh
Project Coordinator Phone: 886-2-28732323 Ext. 217
Project Coordinator E-mail: c.y.chen@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits:

The project aims to assist the Solomon Islands and its people in building on the capacity for food crop production.

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Solomon Islands
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Solomon Islands
Project status: Projects under implementation
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