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Central America

Department: Lending and Investment
Project Name: Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project (Belize)
Project Description: The Project consists of hard and soft components. The hard component includes physical works on (1) rejuvenation of selected buildings; (2) construction of a new activities building; and (3) public space/landscaping. To support the sustainable operation of these rejuvenated places, buildings and eco-museum, the Project will finance historical interpretation, community capacity building and the establishment of a professional and creative management team.
Region: Central America
Implementation Start Date: 2014/2/10
Implementation End Date: 2017/8/9
Project Objectives: Improve awareness and appreciation of colonial heritage and cultural identity through the rejuvenation of a ‘pilot’ selection of historical/colonial buildings.
Executing Agency: Ministry of Tourist and Culture, Belize
Project Manager: Sophia Jan
Phone: +886 2 28732323 ext. 505
E-mail: jan_sophia@icdf.org.tw
Approval Date: 2014/2/10
Status: Under implementation
Sector: Multisector/Cross-Cutting
Sector Item: Other Multisector, including Urban and Rural Development Projects
Borrower: Government of Belize
Cooperating Country: Belize
Project status: Projects under implementation
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