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Press Releases

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Kingdom of Swaziland Will Jointly Promote the Fruit Tree and Hog Raising Industries in January 2016

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Kingdom of Swaziland Will Jointly Promote the Fruit Tree and Hog Raising Industries in January 2016

To assist our friendly African allies in the Kingdom of Swaziland to ensure food security, the TaiwanICDF will promote two cooperative projects, “The Hog Raising Industry Enhancement project" and "The Fruit Tree Production and Marketing Project," with Swaziland in January 2016.

Swaziland is a landlocked country where, surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique, people living in rural areas depend on sugar cane and maize production. The impact of climate change, such as flooding and prolong dry seasons, make unit production of agriculture lower than in previous years thus, and so the Swazi government encourages farmers to adopt new planting skills and to introduce new crops, from maize to sugar cane. The government also takes note of the fragile environment that makes it difficult for farmers to take on risks; in addition, most materials that are essential for agricultural activity, such as seeds, fertilizer and pesticides, are imported from the neighboring country, the price is usually high and that pushes farmers to refuse to accept new crops or to develop new skills.

TaiwanICDF’s specialists and engineers stationed in Swaziland understand the root cause of what makes Swazi farmers reluctant to give up traditional crops and turn to new crops introduced by the government. Based on an understanding of local farmer circumstances, the TaiwanICDF has entered into cooperation with the Department of Agriculture of Swaziland in tropical fruit production, such as bananas and papaya, and hog breeding. These products are common in the South Africa region, thus market volume and strong demand promise some benefits for the Swazi farmer.

The expected benefits of this project also effectively ensure national food security and poverty reduction and will encourage women and young people to get involved in agricultural production. These two projects are scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 2016. The TaiwanICDF will dispatch a project manager and specialist to upgrade the Malkerns Research Station in reproduction and the production of bananas and papaya and improve the facilities and the hog breeding capability of the Mpisi livestock center. By promoting these two projects, sharing our expertise and experience in these fields to help local farmers increase income and ensure food security, we will be promoting the sustainable development of agriculture in a friendly country.

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  • Date:2015/12/15