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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Institutional enforcement project for agribusiness in Guatemala
Project Description: The project will support the institutional enforcement of The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA), with the emphasis to build its technological capacity and to transfer Taiwan's knowledge and know-how to MAGA, in order to increase its capacity in developing the local communities, farmer groups, agribusinesses and to facilitate rural economic development. In addition, the project will support the alleviation of poverty in rural areas by providing various technical trainings to increase the competitiveness of the local agribusinesses, including, but not limited to the improvement of productivity, quality, and marketing promotion of the agricultural products.

To watch a video made by the TaiwanICDF: Nuestro Café 3 Volcanes: Proyecto de Fortalecimiento Institucional para el Apoyo de Agronegocios en Guatemala

Implementation Start Date: 2015/10/27
Implementation End Date: 2018/12/31
Project Objectives: i. To assist MAGA in the establishment of a strategic framework for the development of the Agribusiness sector; and the creation of guidelines for technical assistance.
ii. Enhance the professional capacity of at least 280 counselors under MAGA's counseling services.
iii. Supporting MAGA's counseling services to provide technical assistance and trainings to agribusinesses in Guatemala. The project aims to achieve at least 1,480 successful agribusiness loans approval based on improvements in their operational performance.
iv. Assist MAGA to build an information platform for project performance measurement and a price monitoring database for agricultural products.
Executing Agency: Deputy Ministry of Rural Economic Development (VIDER) of Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food in Guatemala (MAGA)
Taiwan Investment and Trade Service Mission in Central America
Project Performance: 1. Assisted MAGA to establish the national strategic framework for the development of the Agribusiness sector and guidelines with 6 issues as a technical assistance reference for extension officers.
2. In order to improve the capacity of extension officers from MAGA, enhance the professional training course for 280 MAGA’s extension officers with different issues which including: Administration, Agrobusiness Organization, Marketing, Food Safety, Business Plans, Agriculture Credit and the other issues of median and long term.
3. Invited 8 professional experts from Taiwan to provide the training courses for MAGA’s extension officers.
4. Established the project management platform to assist MAGA manage their extension service for agribusiness organizations.
5. Established agricultural products APP in Android and iOS system so that producers can have price information timely.
6. Enhanced the capacity of Deputy Ministry of Rural Economic Development (VIDER) by 8 times,providing counseling for 75 Agribusiness organizations and benefited 9164 farmers
Signing Date: 2015/10/27
Mission: Taiwan Investment and Trade Service Mission in Central America
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: The Project of Vocational Training
Cooperating Country: Central America, Guatemala
Project status: Completed projects
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