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Press Releases

CABEI Official Visiting Taiwan to Exchange SME Development Experience

CABEI Official Visiting Taiwan to Exchange SME Development Experience

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), an organization providing regional development assistance throughout Central America, is an important partner for the TaiwanICDF in promoting assistance projects in the region.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of the current state of Taiwan’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the various measures provided in support of SMEs, as well as Taiwan’s experience of offering financial products tailored to local conditions, Mr. Sergio Aviles Lopez, a coordinator in CABEI’s re-lending unit, has been visiting Taiwan to attend the TaiwanICDF’s Workshop on Taiwan’s Experience of SME Development.

As part of the workshop, running from July 16 to 29, Mr. Lopez and 26 other participants hailing from industry, government and academia in Central and South America are interacting and sharing their experiences thanks to the curriculum and field trips organized by the TaiwanICDF.

Mr. Lopez says that as he has long been involved in joint cooperation projects between CABEI and the TaiwanICDF, he has developed a basic understanding of Taiwan’s economic development and the assistance provided to other countries, and is pleased to personally experience and take the pulse of Taiwan’s development through this opportunity to visit Taiwan for training.

CABEI and the TaiwanICDF have been jointly promoting the CABEI SMME Re-lending Project and its successor, the CABEI SMME Re-lending Project—Phase II, since 2006, with the TaiwanICDF having contributed US$10 million to each initiative. Through a cooperative platform between CABEI and local financial institutions, much-needed funding has been channeled to local business operations, promoting private sector development thanks to the effective implementation of these projects to date.

Originally primarily a provider of regular financing for businesses and enterprises, in recent years CABEI has also focused on designing new financial instruments for specific industries or groups (such as clean energy, or women entrepreneurs). Having learned about the design principles, frameworks and requirements which need to be considered as part of programs supporting new financial instruments for Taiwanese SMEs, Mr. Lopez says that he hopes that these can be applied to the design of cooperation projects between CABEI and the TaiwanICDF in the future, in line with Central American SMEs’ current development needs.

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  • Date:2015/7/24