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Solomon Islands
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Solomon Islands

Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Integrated Hog-raising Project (Solomon Islands)
Project Description: Hog-raising is one of the Solomon Islands’ socio-cultural traditions and an important source of protein-based nutrition for its people. However, hog-raising techniques are relatively underdeveloped in the country’s more remote regions, as a result of which the local pig-farming industry cannot meet public demand for pork. Therefore, the government of the Solomon Islands hopes to increase local pig production and associated pork supplies through the implementation of this cooperation project.

Project appraisal found that the main challenge to promoting pork production has been the quality of domestically raised pigs, which are unable to satisfy market demand, and a lack of piglet breeding operations on the Solomon Islands’ outer islands. The country also lacks veterinary quarantine officers and hog-raising skills on outer islands are weak, indirectly constraining the rate at which local pig stocks can be increased.

To assist the Solomon Islands to raise stocks, the main content of the project will include:
1.Providing a stable source of breeding boars and piglets, expanding a breeding and extension center so as to promote production.
2.Promoting effective nutrient management and increasing the amount of feed consumed by pigs.
3.Establishing a healthy pig management system, improving the health of pigs and the safety of quarantine activities.

Specific work components will include:
1.Raising the capacity of the breeding and extension center to 200 high-quality boars per year by project completion, establishing community boar supply stations at which to provide technical training, guiding the Livestock Division in counseling 600 pig farmers, breeding high-quality pigs and training seed teachers.
2.Developing a locally made feed formula, overseeing the production of 200 tons of feed per year, providing feed management training and producing a feed management manual.
3.Producing a pig health management manual, establishing standardized diagnosis procedures, organizing pig health classes, organizing basic veterinary-related training and environmental safety workshops, and conducting a mobile parasite control program throughout three provinces.

Implementation Start Date: 2015/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2020/12/31
Project Objectives: 1.Provide a stable source of breeding swine and piglets, expanding the breeding and extension center so as to promote production:
a.Expand the original swine breeding center, select suitable breeds to provide farmers with piglets and supply 200 quality boars per year for breeding at external stations.
b.Provide technical assistance on establishing community boar supply stations in Guadalcanal, Malaita and Western Province for the breeding of boars for distribution to local farmers.
c.Organize 24 pig farming skills training sessions.
d.Provide technical assistance to the Livestock Division in counseling 600 pig farmers so as to increase output by 20,000 pigs per year.
e.Select one high-quality breed for further breeding.
f.Train five seed instructors.

2.Promote effective nutrient management and increase the amount of feed consumed by pigs:
a.Develop four local swine feed formulas.
b.Provide technical assistance in the production of 200 tons of feed per year.
c.Organize 12 feed management training sessions.
d.Produce one feed management manual.

3.Establish a healthy pig management system, improving the health of pigs and the safety of quarantine activities:
a.Produce a pig health management manual.
b.Establish standard operating procedures for the diagnosis of pig diseases.
c.Organize six pig health seminars.
d.Provide two rounds of basic veterinary training for 35 participants.
e.Organize six farm safety seminars.
f.Organize six parasite prevention seminars in three provinces.
Executing Agency: 1.Taiwan Technical Mission in the Solomon Islands
2.Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and provincial agricultural departments (Solomon Islands)
Current Progress: To the end of September 2018, the following activities have been completed:
  1. Pig farm piglet production: 1,437.
  2. Counseling to promote farmers: 550.
  3. Internship training for 1 technical personnel.
  4. Feed formulation of 95 ton for 453 pig farmers.
  5. Conducted 8 "hog raising" trainings.
  6. Conducted 3 "hog health and safety" trainings.
  7. Conducted 6 "feed management and formulation" trainings.
  8. Conducted 3 "hog raising environment and safety" trainings.
Project Manager: Lawrence Lee
Phone: 886-2-28732323 ext.214
E-mail: cs.lee@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits:

The project aims to assist the Solomon Islands and its people in building on the capacity for hog-raising.

Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Solomon Islands
Project status: Projects under implementation
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