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Department: Technical Cooperation
Project Name: Nutrition Enhancement Project (Kiribati)
Project Description: With limited cultivation capacity in Kiribati, smallholder-based farming systems are common. The lack of conditions suitable for the mass production of fruits and vegetables has resulted in imbalances in people’s diets, with many people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs), seriously affecting the nation’s health. As such, the Kiribati government hopes to improve the diet of the younger generation through a project promoting local vegetable consumption and nutrition.

Project appraisal found that Kiribati people consume frozen meats, starchy food, fish and tinned food, but few vegetables. Other challenges include poor and/or basic knowledge of nutrition, and poor monitoring data.

To improve the diets of Kiribati people, this project will:
1.Increase the production of 10 selected vegetables, of sufficient supply to meet demand for use in high school lunches.
2.Develop a nutrition-oriented educational program and related activities designed to encourage vegetable intake.
3.Establish a “Health Monitoring System” and a healthy diet menu designed to improve the diet of the younger generation.

To watch the video made by the TaiwanICDF: Nutrition Enhancement Project (Kiribati)

Implementation Start Date: 2015/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2020/12/31
Project Objectives:

The objectives of this project are:

1.Establish a nursery center and produce 470,000 seedlings for planting.

2.Produce 205 tons of vegetables during the project’s six-year implementation period.

3.Establish a new farm, Bikenibeu Nursery, at the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development.

4.Produce 274 tons of compost and 164,000 liters of liquid fertilizer.

5.Extend fruit and vegetable production in outer islands.

6.Improve nutrition-related knowledge, attitudes and behavior.

7.Improve food preparation-related knowledge, attitudes and behavior.

8.Improve the environment and quality of school canteens.

9.Improve nutrition-oriented educational materials and related facilities.

Executing Agency: Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD) (Kiribati)
Ministry of Health (MOH) (Kiribati)
Ministry of Education (MOE) (Kiribati)
Current Progress: To the end of June 2019, the following activities have been completed:
1.Produced 480,534 vegetable seedlings.
2.Produced 148.291 tons of fruits and vegetables.
3.Produced 350.28 tons of organic compost.
4.Produced 106,370 liters of liquid pro-biotic fertilizer.
5.Completed three (3) schools’ kitchen and canteen environment improvement. Developed three (3) training course for kitchen staff.
6.Completed four (4) sets of Nutrition curriculums, completed seven (7) sets of Nutrition Extension Handbook. Developed nine (9) sets meal menu for school canteen.
7.Conducted 181 surveys on meals remain in three schools.
8.Completed 8 surveys on basic physiological data for analysis.
9.Completed a report on nutrition-oriented educational courses and materials.
10.Dispatched one (1) nutrition expert from Taiwan to conduct a training workshop on nutrition issues.
Project Contact: Wang,Tsan-Ping
Phone: 886-2-2873-2323 Ext.212
E-mail: t.p.wang@icdf.org.tw
Projected Benefits:

It is expected that the project will:

1.Increase adults’ daily vegetable intake by up to 20g and high school students’ daily vegetable intake by up to 20g.

2.Yield 205 tons of vegetables.

3.Yield the design of three nutrition-oriented educational programs, including 12 classes.

4.Yield improvements to the canteen environment of three selected high schools.

5.Oversee the training of nine canteen cooks.
6.Yield the design of 12 menus.

7.Establish a “Health Monitoring System.”

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati
Sector: Production Sectors
Sector Item: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Kiribati
Project status: Projects under implementation
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