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News From Overseas

We don’t know how to cook because we don’t know how to plant

Source: Kiribati Independent

Publication date: 2014/12/26

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

“Our main problem as I-Kiribati is we don’t know how to cook vegetables because we don’t know how to plant them. The truth is if you do know how to plant vegetables then you will know how to cook them as well.” said Tongafiti Cross, one of the Cooking Instructor.

Last week AMAK in collaboration with Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) conducted a cooking workshop to those wish to learn how to cook vegetables at the TTM in Temaiku. The workshop was run for 1 week from Monday to Friday. During the closing ceremony on Friday, Kiribati Independent interviewed Piita Atauea, the only male participant. “I am so thankful that now I know how to cook vegetables after this workshop. I also know today that there are certain foods not only for sick people but for healthy people. My special thanks go to our cooking instructors who have sacrificed their precious time with their families and come this far to teach us how to cook” Piita added.

The guest speaker in the closing ceremony is the second secretary from the Taiwan Embassy in Bairiki, Mr. Edison. In his closing remarks, Mr. Edison conveys his Excellency Taiwan Ambassador, Mr. Abraham Chu’s willingness to support this cooking workshop by providing cooking materials (gas stove) and offering TTM in Temaiku a place to conduct the workshop.

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