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Press Releases

September Marks Appointment of Amb. Weber Shih as New TaiwanICDF Secretary General

September Marks Appointment of Amb. Weber Shih as New TaiwanICDF Secretary General

Amb. Weber Shih was appointed as the TaiwanICDF’s new secretary general on September 9, 2014. Secretary General Shih, who has deep ties to Taiwan’s endeavors in the field of international cooperation and development having previously served as director-general of the Department of Economic and Trade Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), said that during his tenure there Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Act, MOFA’s White Paper on Foreign Aid Policy and the government’s Official Development Assistance Database had laid the foundation for legality and transparency in Taiwan’s foreign aid work. More recently, Secretary General Shih was also Taiwan’s ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, during which time his embassy was actively involved in promoting cooperation projects in various fields covering basic infrastructure, agriculture, education, ICT and medicine.

Secretary General Shih said that technical cooperation projects are an extremely important part of Taiwan’s foreign relations, and noted that as Taiwan’s specialist development assistance organization, the TaiwanICDF plays a key role in assisting the government in promoting its international cooperation and development affairs. As such, he said, in the future the TaiwanICDF would abide by the International Cooperation and Development Act and the objectives set out in the Statute for the Establishment of the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF). He also said that the organization would base its policies around the “partnerships for progress and sustainable development” espoused in MOFA’s White Paper on Foreign Aid Policy, as well as put into practice the three principles of seeking proper goals, acting lawfully and exercising effective administration. Finally, Secretary General Shih emphasized that in addition to taking into account trends being championed by international organizations, there is also the need to possess an in-depth understanding of how aid works in practice and to give serious consideration to the characteristics of Taiwan’s foreign aid work in developing an effective, solid, pragmatic and feasible approach toward such efforts.

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  • Date:2014/9/17