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Humanitarian Assistance

Project Name: TaiwanICDF Overseas Volunteers Program
Project Description:
  1. Train volunteers to enhance their understanding of overseas service and missions.
  2. Dispatch volunteers to deliver services in the areas of environment, public health, agriculture, education, and information and communications technology.
  3. Facilitate the sharing of experiences by returned volunteers.

Overseas Volunteers Program

Implementation Start Date: 2020/1/1
Implementation End Date: 2020/12/31
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF
Project Objectives: To assist partner nations in economic development and to promote international cooperation by selecting and dispatching volunteers to partner nations, which not only benefits the countries economically and socially, but also provides volunteers with invaluable experiences and promotes a greater understanding between volunteers and local people.
Executing Agency: TaiwanICDF
Implementation Arrangement:
  1. Select appropriate volunteers through recruitment and screening tests.
  2. Train volunteers to enhance their understanding of overseas service and missions.
  3. Dispatch qualified volunteers through recruitment and screening tests to provide technical specialty assistance to partner countries in need.
  4. Establish management standards that are in keeping with the spirit with which the TaiwanICDF provides overseas services.
  5. Facilitate the sharing of experiences by returned volunteers.
Current Progress:
  1. Dispatch volunteers to partner countries to provide voluntary service, and to share their expertise and experience. As of September 2020, the TaiwanICDF have dispatched 35 volunteers this year.
  2. Offer Taiwanese citizens with more opportunities to participate in overseas service programs and deepen their understanding of international cooperation.
Project Coordinator Name: Nicole Feng
Project Coordinator Phone: (02)2873-2323#310
Project Coordinator E-mail: yu.l.feng@icdf.org.tw
Sector: Social Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Other Social Infrastructure and Services
Cooperating Country: Uganda, Eswatini, Thailand, Cambodia, Palau, St. Lucia, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, Nicaragua, Belize, Paraguay
Themes: Environmental Protection, Public Health, Agriculture, Education, Information and Communications Technology
Project status: Projects under implementation
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