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South America

Department: Lending and Investment
Project Name: Haitian Emergency Liquidity Program (HELP)
Project Description: By purchasing the affected portfolio and providing emergency liquidity, the project shall assit the MFIs to ameriorate the asset quality and to continue the operation.
Region: Central America, South America
Implementation Start Date: 2010/12/30
Implementation End Date: 2014/9/30
Project Objectives: By providing the emergency funding, the project reduces the liquidity constraint faced by the microfinancing institutions (MFIs) and its clients.
Executing Agency: Omtrix Inc.
Implementation Arrangement: The project purchases the portfolio from the microfinance institutions that have been affected by the earthquake. The collection of the loan will still be managed by the MFIs. After the three-year project period, the MFIs shall buy back the portfolio from the HELP. Furthermore, the US$360,000 TA component aims to assist the MFIs to manage the loan collection.
Project Performance: The project aims to assist the reconstruction of the MFIs affected by the earthquake, and maintain the repayment culture of the microfinance market.
Project Contact: Yang Che-An
Phone: 02-2873-2323 ext 503
E-mail: c.a.yang@icdf.org.tw
Approval Date: 2010/12/30
Status: Implementation
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Banking and Financial Services
Cooperating Country: Haiti
Cooperating Organization: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Project status: Projects under implementation
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