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News From Overseas

50,000 milkfish fries releasing to lagoon at Ambo by Taiwan Technical Mission

Source: Kiribati Independent, Newstar

Publication date: 2014/07/18

Mission: Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Kiribati

For the purpose of increasing marine resources, 50,000 milkfish fingerlings were released to lagoon at Ambo in the National Independent Day, and this is one of the technological projects under Taiwan Technical Mission.

Aquaculture Project is one of technical projects under Taiwan Technical Mission and the project has been under the careful management by an expert, Robert Chang for 10 years.

He said that the purpose of the function release of milkfish fries to the lagoon is to increase the local marine resource and to educate studients how important iy is to protect marine resources. With proper nourishments from the ocean, these fries will grow to market size soon.

Furthermore, Mr. Chang told the reporter that the recovery program had delivered more than 50,000 milkfish fries to outer islands, including Nonouti, Abaiang, Makin, and other islands in the past 6 months. Most of fries were distributed to Islands Council or private farms.

If the recovery program succeed as expected, people in outer island will soon be able to catch and taste the delicous milkfish propagated artificially.

Many people believe that these fingerlings can greatly increase the marine resource, and hope that many of them will eventually grow up to table size as food. To make the program a continuing success, it’s very important for Kiribati people to learn how to protect the marine resources just like what the Taiwan Technical Mission has managed to promote. The reporter, Miss Ester Tiwau got the information from the speakers on Saturday’s event of 12nd July.

Just like what the the Minister of Environment Protection from the Republic of China (Taiwan) Dr. Wei have mentioned in the event: it is important that everyone and all Kiribati people shall protect the marine resources as it is the most important food source for everyone here.

The Minister of Education, Mrs Maera Tekanene, said that she thanks TTM for inviting students to join this function as milkfish is a very important fish to our country. Students can learn a lot from this event, and they can extend this experience to protect the marine resource to school assignments.

She further thanks the ambassador Chu of Taiwan Embassy for sending an aquaculture expert, Mr. Robert Chang, to Kiribati. With all his hard work, the aquaculture program has flourished and brought about lots of excitement.

After listening to Robert, people now all know that Kiribati is the first country in the Pacific nations and the fifth in the world to successfully propogate milkfish artificially.

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