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South Sudan
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South Sudan

Department: Humanitarian Assistance
Project Name: Food Security Assistance for IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities in Abyei Area (South Sudan, Sudan)
Project Description: In July 2011, South Sudan earned its independence, becoming the youngest country in the world. However, the area near the border between Sudan and South Sudan remained unsettled. The TaiwanICDF cooperated with Mercy Corps to implement a multi-pronged approach to meet the food security needs of internally displaced people (IDP), returnees and vulnerable host communities in the Abyei area, a contested territory on the border of South Sudan and Sudan.
The project will focus on building community capacity to improve and diversify household food production. More specifically, the intervention will assist the most vulnerable community members with horticultural training, vegetable seeds and tools to enable the community to engage in horticulture production. This approach will improve household food production and food basket and improve nutrition habits among vulnerable families. The project will also provide an alternative source of income to meet community needs for non-food items. Moreover, technical assistance from TaiwanICDF will focus on building the capacity of the local government, mainly the Abyei Secretariat for Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries (SAARF) for better delivery of extension services. It involves training of SAARF staff, the provision of in-kind assistance to the Secretariat to facilitate its operations and a pilot component of micro-grant mechanism to position the SAARF in the driver’s seat of public service delivery.
Implementation Start Date: 2013/10/12
Implementation End Date: 2014/4/11
Source of Funding: TaiwanICDF
Project Objectives: 1. 80 Farmer Groups formed (each comprising of 25 households).
2. 80 lead farmers trained on improved cultivation techniques.
3. 2,000 Households receive assorted seeds & tools
4. 5 micro grants are successfully implemented by the SAARF.
5. 3 of SAARF staff trained.
6. 85% of targeted households report an increase in cultivated acreage.
Executing Agency: Mercy Corps, Abyei Secretariat for Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries (SAARF)
Implementation Arrangement: Offer USD500,000 grant to Mercy Corps, and two TaiwanICDF volunteers were dispatched to Abyei to provide technical assistance to the project.
Project Performance: Strengthen the ability of vulnerable households to cope with food insecurity and to diversify dietary intake through innovative governance models
Project Contact: Regine Liu
E-mail: regine.liu@icdf.org.tw
Signing Date: 2013/10/12
Projected Benefits: Reduction in households’ vulnerability.
Cooperating Stakeholders: Mercy Corps, Abyei Secretariat for Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries (SAARF)
Sector: Humanitarian Aid
Sector Item: Reconstruction Relief and Rehabilition
Cooperating Country: Africa, South Sudan
Cooperating Organization: Mercy Corps
Project status: Projects under implementation
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