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Department: Lending and Investment
Project Name: EBRD Financial Intermediary Investment Special Fund—Small Business Account—Phase III—Subproject 5: TBC Kredit Project(Azerbaijan)
Project Description: A MSME loan is provided to TBC Kredit (TBCK)for on-lending to MSMES located in Azerbaijan.
Project Objectives: To help TBC Kredit to expand and diversify its loan portfolio, as well as offer much needed medium-term funding to individual entrepreneurs and local enterprises, staisfying the growing demand for financing from MSMEs in the country while facilitating competition in the financial sector.
Executing Agency: TBC Kredit Azerbaijan
Implementation Arrangement: 1. Proceeds of lending will be on-lent to the MSMEs in Azerbaijan.
2. Subject to the availability of donor funds, the senior debt facility will be accompanied by TA to cover the following areas: development of a new credit risk rating system to MSMEs and introduciton of a scoring systems for MSEs.
Signing Date: 2013/8/26
Projected Benefits: The proposed project is expected to have a great impact by (i)supporting increased financial intermediation of an underserved micro and small business; (ii)facilitation of competition in the sector via support of an emerging strong player in the market.
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Banking and Financial Services
Cooperating Country: Azerbaijan
Cooperating Organization: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Project status: Completed projects
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  • Date:2013/9/30
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