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Department: Lending and Investment
Project Name: FIISF-SBA Bank of Baku
Project Description: The financing will help expand Bank of Baku’s medium-term lending capacity to MSEs in a market where banks’ and companies’ access to longer-term financing is still limited.

Implementation Start Date: 2007/7/27
Implementation End Date: 2012/7/27
Project Objectives: The main objective of project is to provide micro and small enterprises with reliable access to bank finance. The loan will enable the Bank to expand its lending operations to micro and small enterprises, including those in rural and remote areas which currently have little or no access to bank loans.
Executing Agency: Bank of Baku
Implementation Arrangement: The facility will be used to provide medium-term financing to Azeri private companies clients of Bank of Baku to meet their needs for loans. Each sub-loan will be subject to the bank’s approval granted by the Bank on its sole discretion following compliance with the eligibility criteria, due diligence results and sign-off by the Credit Advisors. Each sub-loan will be secured following the best banking practice in Azerbaijani market.
Project Manager: Wen-Kai Ou
Phone: 02-28732323 ext. 508
E-mail: w.k.ou@icdf.org.tw
Signing Date: 2007/7/27
Status: Under repayment
Projected Benefits: To promote the MSME economic development.
Sector: Economic Infrastructure and Services
Sector Item: Banking and Financial Services
Borrower: Bank of Baku
Cooperating Country: Turkey
Cooperating Organization: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Project status: Projects under implementation
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  • Date:2011/3/25
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