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5. FAQ

5. FAQ

Q1: Where is the direct link to apply for a TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship?
A1: Please visit http://www.icdf.org.tw/ct.asp?xItem=12505&CtNode=30316&mp=2 for detailed application procedures. You’ll also find links to the online application system and the complete Program List of the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) universities on this page.

Q2: Can I apply to more than one program at the TICA universities?
A2: No. You can only apply for one program at one of the TICA universities each year.

Q3: I realized that my printed form has some mistakes, what should I do?
A3: If you discover any mistakes or typos in your printed form, you can apply again (please remember to type carefully). However, you will need to take your final, corrected forms to the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office for their first review.
Please be aware that your printed forms must be identical to the information you saved in the online system, since the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office may refer to both versions during their first review.

Q4: What if I cannot apply for TaiwanICDF scholarship program due to my nationality?
A4: We only offer TaiwanICDF scholarships to citizens of nations in our list of eligible countries. If your country does not appear on our list, you are not currently eligible to apply.

Q5: My country is on the list of eligible countries, but there is no ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office here. Where can I send my documents?
A5: If there is no ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office in your country, please send your documents to the nearest ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office. Please see http://www.boca.gov.tw/mp?mp=2 to find the nearest such point of contact.

Q6: If I gain admission to the university I applied to, does that mean that I have also got the TaiwanICDF scholarship?
A6: If you are a successful recipient of a TaiwanICDF scholarship, you will receive an acceptance letter through the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office to whom you originally applied. Therefore, gaining admission from the university you applied to does not necessarily mean that you have also been given a TaiwanICDF scholarship.

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