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Technical Cooperation

Project Name: Census and Classification of Plant Resources in the Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands)
Project Description: The Solomon Islands, with its abundance of ecosystems, is home to an estimated 7,000 or more native species. Due to massive deforestation and the cultivation of oil palm, cocoa and other cash crops, however, the coverage of native forests is gradually diminishing. Native species are under threat, and many face extinction.

The Solomon Islands government currently runs the National Herbarium and Botanical Gardens, while the herbarium at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji, also maintains 25,000 other specimens from the Solomon Islands. Nevertheless, no other agencies or international organizations have carried out comprehensive plant conservation work in the country. As a result, there is an urgent need to assist the Solomon Islands in investigating and documenting its plant resources, and in promoting the preservation of its germplasm resources.

For this reason, Taiwan and the Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry and Research have joined forces to carry out this project. Aided by the knowledge of plant ecology and scientific research capacity of personnel at Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Science and Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center, the TaiwanICDF will dispatch survey teams comprising experts in botany to collect plant resources, build greenhouses, strengthen equipment at the national herbarium, and assist in digital preservation work. Training workshops, instruction on the collection of specimens and demonstration activities will build the capacity of Solomon Islands personnel engaged in the conservation of plant resources and enhance their basic scientific knowledge as part of the increasing emphasis being placed on the protection of biodiversity by the international community. Assistance to publish an illustrated survey of Solomon Islands flora will also improve the country’s conservation work and its capacity for sustainable development in the field of botany.

To watch the video made by the TaiwanICDF: Solomon Islands:Trees Grow on Memories
Implementation Start Date: 2012/7/1
Implementation End Date: 2017/6/30
Project Objectives:

Assist technicians at the Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Forestry and Honiara Botanical Gardens to establish the capacity to investigate plant resources and to perform plant conservation work.

Executing Agency:

For the Republic of China (Taiwan):

  1. International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF)
  2. National Museum of Natural Science
  3. Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center

For the Solomon Islands:

  1. Ministry of Forestry and Research

Current Progress:

To the end of June 2017, the following activities have been completed:

In 2012:

  1. Completed preparatory work for project implementation.
  2. Built a greenhouse for the conservation of living plants.
  3. Deliberated on collaboration with the National Museum of Natural Science and the Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center, drawing up agreements defining the parties’ rights and obligations.

In 2013:

  1. Dispatched seven plant resource investigation teams with a total of 18 participants.
  2. Completed the collection of 3,486 specimens comprising about 12,844 samples.
  3. Completed the collection of 974 living plants.
  4. Held a workshop on biodiversity in Taiwan.
  5. Built up the basic germplasm resource conservation techniques of Solomon Islands personnel.
  6. Established a Chinese- and English-language flowchart covering the production, conservation and storage of ex-situ specimens.

In 2014:

  1. Dispatched a group to photograph specimens in Fiji and collect specimens in the Solomon Islands.
  2. Completed the archiving of 1,923 specimens and the file storage of 1,923 specimens.
  3. Trained two greenhouse staff to manage daily work at the greenhouse.
  4. Dispatched plant resource investigation teams and plant collection teams with 13 and 11 participants respectively.
  5. Assisted the Ministry of Forestry and Research to complete the purchase of a small generator, two computers and two small storage containers.
  6. Handling one time of biodiversity workshop in Taiwan, and two times of workshops on the plant resources preservation in the Solomon and the plant investigative training seminar as well.

In 2015:

  1. Completed the archiving of 1,765 specimens and the file storage of 2,257 specimens.
  2. Trained two greenhouse staff to manage daily work at the greenhouse.

In 2016:

  1. Completed the archiving of 2,715specimens and the file storage of 2,633 specimens.

In 2017:

  1. Completed the archiving of 906 specimens.

Project Performance:
Projected Benefits:
  1. Research and preserve germplasm resources to achieve the objective of “ex-situ” conservation.
  2. Establish a greenhouse at which to perform germplasm conservation work and to act as a training center for Solomon Islands technicians.
  3. Compile a compendium of vascular plants and assist Solomon Islands authorities to record the country’s natural resources for the purpose of future management and associated applications.
Sector: Multisector/Cross-Cutting
Sector Item: General Environmental Protection
Cooperating Country: Asia-Pacific, Solomon Islands
Project status: Completed projects
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