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For the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data by the TaiwanICDF
The International Cooperation and Development Fund (hereinafter the “TaiwanICDF”) hereby discloses the following matters in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter the “Act”) for your attention and careful review:
A. Matters to be Disclosed
a. Purpose of the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

(a) Education or training administration (including registration for training classes, scholarship project business, external experts or lecturers engagement, etc.); (b) data administration for scholarship recipients (including students and graduates) and workshop participants; (c) provided to R.O.C or foreign governments and business entities for introducing and matching positions; (d) the implementation of other relevant business in the public sector.
b. Scope of Personal Data

Names, dates of birth, ID numbers, passport numbers, marital status, familial relationships, education, occupation, medical history, medical treatment, health examination, contact information, financial status, and any other data that may directly or indirectly identify an individual (hereinafter “personal data”).
c. Duration, Geographical Area, Data Recipients and Method of Use of Personal Data

(a) Duration: For as long as the specific purposes for which collection, processing and use exist, or for which the safekeeping of data is necessary for the operation of business by the TaiwanICDF or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations (whichever is the longest). (b) Geographical Area: Within the territory of the Republic of China or any region or country necessary for the TaiwanICDF to perform its business under Article 7 of the Act for the Establishment of the International Cooperation And Development Fund [see Note], and any recipient location where the central competent authority has not restricted the cross-border transmission of personal data. (c) Data Recipients: (i) The TaiwanICDF and its missions abroad; (ii) service providers/institutions engaged by the TaiwanICDF to carry out related businesses; (iii) any institution the TaiwanICDF cooperates with to implement its business; (iv) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C., embassies and missions abroad and other government authorities related to the TaiwanICDF’s business; and (v) law enforcement authorities, the government ombudsman (Control Yuan) and regulatory or other authorities with investigatory or regulatory functions. (d) Method: The processing, use or cross-border transfer by automatic or non-automatic methods which are in compliance with the relevant regulations (including, but not limited to, e-mails, hard copies or other current media)
d. Methods of Exercising Rights Regarding Personal Data

(a) You may exercise any of the following rights via methods and procedures regulated by the relevant regulations and the TaiwanICDF: (i) to inquire about or request review copies or duplicates of personal data, for which the TaiwanICDF may charge necessary costs and expenses; (ii) to request the supplementation or correction of personal data, the details of which you shall sufficiently specify; and (iii) to request the cessation of collection, processing or use, and to request for deletion, unless necessary for carrying out business for which the TaiwanICDF may refuse such a request. (b) If you are a scholarship applicant, you may exercise your rights subject to the following procedures: (i) to correct or delete personal data any time through the Internet during the application period; (ii) the TaiwanICDF will refuse any request to correct or delete personal data during the evaluation period; (iii) after the name list of scholarships is announced, the recipient may request to supplement or correct personal data via on-line or written applications, and the personal data of other applicants will be deleted at the time.
e. Provision of Personal Data

You may choose freely whether to provide any personal data. Nonetheless, if you decide not to provide any personal data, withdraw or revoke your consent, or provide insufficient data, you will be unable to access the services provided by the TaiwanICDF
[Note] Article 7 of the Act for the Establishment of the International Cooperation and Development Fund The scope of international cooperation and development projects shall include the following: (1) Aid categories under the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development when participating in bilateral or multi-lateral cooperation and development plans aimed at advancing the infrastructure and sustainable development of the society, economy and production sector of allied or friendly countries, (2) Humanitarian aid projects for countries and people suffering from natural disasters or wars, and (3) Other projects related to international cooperation and development
Written Consent For the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data by the TaiwanICDF
B. Consent for the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data
a. I have reviewed the above disclosed matters and clearly understood the purposes and goals of the collection, processing and use of my personal data by the TaiwanICDF.
b. I agree that the TaiwanICDF may collect, process and use my personal data within the scope of the purposes specified above.
c. I agree that the TaiwanICDF may collect, process and use my personal data deriving from health examinations, health care and medical history within the scope of the purposes specified above.
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